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Learn the marketing strategies that will book more tours.

Discover how your business can rank higher in search results.

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Strategize Lessons

Learn all the concepts behind SEO:

What is SEO?

Let's create your starter keyword list

SEO Silent Killers

How website keywords talk to search engines

What is User Experience and how it creates more tour reservations

What plugins and websites are part of your SEO success

Core Web Vitals: The newest Google Ranking Factor

Optimize Lessons

Work together to optimize your online presence:

Create your keyword list

Online listings

Webmaster Software

Using User Experience on your website

Writing content

Tour page SEO design tips

Linking your business

SEO beyond the website

Monitor Lessons

Understand how to read online data:

What does success look like?

Online data to keep you on your toes

End of course summary


Additional lessons to be added, check back for an update!

Incorporate SEO into your business through online lessons specific to tour operators.

Lessons explore specific topics in-depth in an easy-to-follow learning style.
Each lesson includes:
  • A deep dive into a specific subject, available both in video presentation and audio form.
  • Downloadable worksheets & homework sheets in both PDF or word processing form.
  • PDF of the presentation and links to further learning when applicable.
To support participants of the course, everyone also has access to:
  • Private Facebook group to discuss new concepts, ask questions and have support from other tour operators.
  • Monthly Q&A sessions with the course educator, Melanie Fisher.
  • Option for one-on-one time with Melanie.
  • Initially, lessons will be recorded on Zoom, you can participate and ask questions live.

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Meaghan Dishman

Melanie is a wonderful resource. She goes above and beyond your typical SEO consulting, and really dives into the inner workings of the WHAT, WHY, and HOW of the service/s YOU have to offer."Her genuine care is what places her above the rest in her field. I highly recommend Melanie to anyone who wants to increase their business through a digital platform!"